How to develop a VR movie, for $20 a pop?

Posted November 06, 2018 06:00:30A $20 VR movie is one thing, but it’s really hard to make it a reality.

That’s what a company called Epic Games is hoping to change.

Epic Games, a New York-based video game developer, recently announced the purchase of the software development studio VRSolutions, the parent company of Epic Games Inc., for $1.6 billion.VRSolutions is also the parent of Unreal Engine, the game engine used by Epic Games.

The purchase allows Epic to further diversify its software portfolio by buying up companies that offer VR development tools and services.

The company plans to sell VRSolution’s assets to other developers, and its first product, Epic Story Studio, will become a fully-fledged game engine for the Oculus Rift.

VRSolves software development kit, the VR software development toolset, will be used to build VR games, VR apps and VR experiences.

In the future, VRS Solutions could also develop and sell VR software, Epic said.

The firm plans to begin selling its VR software to developers and consumers in the next several months.

The acquisition of VRS solutions makes it possible to offer a VR product that can be easily integrated with existing VR development software.

That includes VR game engines that already exist, like Unity, Unity Engine and Unreal Engine 4.

The $20 price tag may seem steep, but there’s no reason for VR to cost more than $100.

The software that’s already available for the Rift is about $60.

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