How to be an effective software developer in Cuba

With the country’s economy in a tatters and its military increasingly facing challenges, it’s no surprise that Cuban software developers are looking for ways to help the country survive.

The skills they need are as varied as the people who employ them.

Here are five skills that Cuban developers are uniquely qualified to help you succeed in the country.


Computer science (Computer Science is a subject in the humanities, with the emphasis on technology, computer science and mathematics) A number of Cuban universities offer courses in computer science.

In fact, the Cuban Academy of Science and Technology (CASIT) offers two courses in the subject in a five-year programme.

However, this is a major undertaking, with students studying two subjects in the same year.

If you are interested in taking a course in the field, check the CASIT website to see which courses are currently offered.

You will need to be a Cuban citizen and be enrolled in an accredited college.

Students will also need to demonstrate the ability to work in the digital sphere.

There are courses in English, Russian, Chinese and other languages, and you may be able to apply for a foreign language certificate to help with the language requirement.

The cost of a course varies depending on the type of course, but it ranges from R$500 to R$1,000 per course.

CASIT offers a list of recommended courses, which you should be able find on its website.


Mechanical engineering A Cuban engineering degree will be required to work as a mechanical engineer in the state-owned company, which is responsible for construction, repair and maintenance of infrastructure, including the electrical grid.

In addition to the required engineering courses, students also need a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree (BSME) from a state-run university or one from a local institution.

The BSME is a degree that can be completed online or in person and requires students to take a course which involves learning the basics of the engineering discipline.

Students who complete the online programme will receive a certificate, which can be used to demonstrate their skills.

Students need to complete an online course in order to qualify.

There is a fee for the certificate.

Students should check the BSMe website for the list of approved courses.

Students must also take a three-year course in electrical engineering (EEC), which covers all aspects of the electrical system.


Computer architecture and software development (Computer architecture and computer software development are two distinct disciplines) A Cuban computer science degree is required to be registered with the National Computer Science Institute, which provides training in computer architecture and the development of software applications.

The institute also sponsors software development programmes for companies, schools and government agencies.

It has a course for both students and staff.

The degree requires students take a four-year project-based programme, which covers programming and design in software architecture and programming languages.

Students may also be eligible for a certificate which can prove their technical competence in the areas of computer architecture, computer software and architecture.

The fee for a course is R$2,500 per course, which varies according to the type.

The programme is also offered in English and Spanish.


Mechanical and electrical engineering A number in Cuba are now trained as electrical engineers.

While these students do not require a university degree, they still need to undertake some technical training.

The electrical engineering programme covers the design, construction and maintenance aspects of power plants and substations.

Electrical engineers will also study the design and installation of new power plants.

Students are also expected to take courses in electrical systems and engineering software.

There will be a fee to attend the course, and students will need a certificate in electrical technology to prove their skills in the fields of electrical systems.

There has been a recent increase in the number of students studying electrical engineering in Cuba.


Information technology A Cuban company is now providing a range of software and internet applications to businesses, including cloud computing and social media.

The Cuban government has set up a company called the Cuba Digital Innovation Centre (CDEI) to facilitate the use of cloud-based technology for business purposes.

This means that you can access software from a number of locations, and it is also possible to connect with the outside world.

The DEI is currently providing software and hardware to businesses in order that they can use its capabilities to increase productivity and increase sales.

However a course can be taken in the form of a two-year degree in computer programming.

It is currently offered in three subjects: web development, web design, and web applications.

Students have to take at least one of the two courses to become a certified web developer, with a certificate of competence to prove this.


Software engineering Students can learn how to write software for smartphones and tablets through the Cubase Academy of Software Engineering.

The academy offers courses in various areas including software engineering, programming languages, database and server administration, and other software development topics.

Students can

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