Why Huawei and Microsoft have a good relationship

The tech giants have been collaborating for years on products ranging from Android phones to servers, but now they’re collaborating on a common business software development deal.

The Huawei Software Development Agreement (SDIA) has been signed in London on Tuesday.

The deal gives both companies access to some of the same tools, services, and processes, and the two companies have agreed to work together to help each other deliver software development on a broad range of products.

Huawei, which is based in Hong Kong, and Microsoft, which was founded in 1991, have been working together for some time, with the companies sharing a common development process.

The agreement was announced in January, and Huawei and its parent company, Huawei Technology, have now started work on it.

The two companies plan to share all of their development tools, as well as their development processes, with Microsoft.

“The agreement is the first in a series of new agreements that Huawei and the Microsoft Group have been pursuing together, and we look forward to working with them in the future,” said Peter Huang, vice president of business development at Huawei.

“With the SDIA, both companies have a strong foundation to develop and share the best practices that will help them to grow and become successful businesses.”

The agreement has already been signed, and it allows Huawei to share its development tools with Microsoft and to work with other companies that work on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services.

Microsoft is currently working on an open-source, free cloud computing platform called Hyper-V that is aimed at helping Microsoft customers build, deploy, and manage cloud applications.

That platform is expected to roll out in the second half of 2017.

Huawei and Amazon are also working on a similar project, and a partnership between Huawei and Google could lead to other cloud-based solutions from Microsoft.

Microsoft has been using its Azure cloud computing to build a variety of cloud-services and other applications.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it would make its cloud services available to the cloud services industry.

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