Which software developer is the most trusted by customers?

The latest numbers show that software developers are being trusted more than ever, but they’re still not the most-trusted profession.

A survey released Tuesday by the National Association of Software Developers (NASD) found that only 43 percent of software developers surveyed say they’ve received positive feedback on their products.

That’s a decrease from 43 percent last year.

But software developers remain the most likely profession to get a negative rating.

More than 80 percent of the surveyed software developers say they’re dissatisfied with the way their products are being used, and nearly half said they’re unhappy with the quality of the products they’re building.

“We’re still a work in progress,” said Andrew Leach, a software development executive who founded the NASD.

“It’s still very much an unknown profession.”

He’s been in software development since 1997 and said that while he’s not 100 percent sure how long he’ll stay in the industry, he’s been impressed with how much innovation is happening in the field.

“I can tell you, there’s a lot of room for improvement,” Leach said.

“People are moving towards better tools and better solutions.

There’s more flexibility in the business model.

People are starting to look at new ways to do things.

It’s definitely not the same as the last 10 years.”

More from NBC News:Tech leaders say new breed of tech startups are leading the charge.

For example, in a survey of 3,000 companies in a variety of industries, 52 percent said they saw the emergence of startups that are doing business in new and different ways, including more open source software.

That includes more flexible working hours, flexible contracts, a shared workspace, and working remotely from home, according to the NASW survey.

The trend is driven by a number of factors, including the rise of apps, a new generation of cloud computing platforms and mobile devices that can access data on demand.

The NASW’s survey also shows that developers have become more open with customers, who are more likely to give feedback to a software developer on their projects.

That makes sense, Leach says.

“The customer is the first person who will really make a difference.

It can take a long time to build something, so they’re the first people that need to know what you’re doing.

It makes a difference to them.”

The survey found that software development teams are increasingly working from teams of five or fewer.

That number has increased from 10 percent in 2008 to about 25 percent now.

About one in three software developers says they are in a “one-person, one-team” development team.

This trend is largely driven by new technology platforms, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual assistants, said Leach.

“They are starting with the cloud and they’re moving into this new kind of computing where you have multiple people working on a project at the same time.

You can do it in the cloud,” he said.

A third of developers surveyed said they’d consider joining a smaller company, but Leach believes there are many who have already started to explore that possibility.

“That would be really exciting,” he added.

“As you can imagine, there are people out there that are very excited about it.”

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article In a new study, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) says software developers have seen a steady increase in trust over the past 10 years.

The survey, released Tuesday, found that 93 percent of respondents said they trust the code that’s being written by software developers.

That is up from 85 percent in 2009 and 85 percent a decade ago.

But the survey also found that developers continue to get less trust from customers.

“In general, the majority of software developer respondents (86 percent) say they receive no positive feedback about their work and continue to receive negative feedback on a daily basis,” said the NASS survey.

That translates into an average of 1.8 negative comments a day per developer.

In comparison, the U.S. government has received more than 2 million negative comments on its website per day, and the Federal Trade Commission received more comments on a single day than the National Institutes of Health.

The National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NISyt) has also found a spike in the number of complaints it receives about software and hardware issues, which is a trend that has been happening for a while.

“These issues are often in the software and/or hardware industry, and we’ve seen a clear increase in those issues since the mid-2000s,” said Richard Kibbe, NISyt’s director of research.

“But, it seems as if it’s now becoming more prevalent that software and technology are getting worse.

We’re seeing that, and it’s a very concerning trend.”

Kibbels findings are supported by the recent

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