The first big new software-development tool for mobile apps: Google’s Android Developer Platform

Android Developer Project, which Google announced earlier this year, has been officially unveiled.

The tool, which will help developers create apps that can run on phones, tablets, and other devices, will be available on the Google Play Store starting today, according to the Google developer blog.

It is a bit like building a new software version of a mobile app.

This is the first major new tool for developing mobile apps for mobile phones, iPads, and Android phones, Google says.

It allows developers to write applications for devices that are already popular with developers.

Google’s Android Developers Platform was a major new initiative in Google’s effort to bring developers’ tools to the masses, and it came with a few limitations.

Developers will only be able to build apps for the devices that they want to target, and the apps will only run on those devices.

Google says this is to keep developers from creating apps that will run on older Android devices that will no longer be supported.

The apps that you see on Google Play are what we call ‘beta’ versions, which means that there are still some bugs, and we still want you to be sure that you are comfortable with the app before you open it up to the public.

We’re going to be releasing more developer tools over time, and this is the next one.

This platform will help to make it easier for developers to create apps for devices they already know, and to make sure that they have a great platform that they can build on.

“Google’s Developer Program is designed to provide more developers with a platform to build on and support their apps.

Developers who sign up will get a free developer account for the first year, with a subscription costing $15 per month for two years.

Developers can then access the Google Developer Console, which allows them to get help and guidance from the company’s developers on Android development.

Google also launched a new mobile app store called Android App Store in October.

The app store will allow developers to share their apps with their peers on the web and in other apps, and allows users to search for apps and reviews from other developers.

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