Java 8 software development is here!

By Mark Russinovich, CTO at Salesforce, who writes about enterprise software development and open source software.

What is Java 8?

Java 8 is the latest version of the Java programming language, which debuted in 2007.

It was a major step toward a more modern Java, with more modern features like concurrency, a powerful debugger, and better error handling.

Java 8 is also the first Java release to support Unicode, which allows for the writing of native languages in Unicode.

There are also new APIs for APIs that run on the JVM.

It also brings with it a new version of Java that has many new features like a new “class” model that lets you write code in a declarative style and a new class hierarchy for the JSR-334 API.

There are two main parts to Java 8.

The first is the new “standard” API, which includes new features and enhancements.

The second is the “extensibility” API.

Java 8’s extensibility is really important.

It allows you to add new APIs to the JVMs and the JRE, but also to add extensions to existing APIs.

For example, if you add a new Java class, you can add a method to the existing class.

Extensions like this make it easy to extend Java in new ways.

Extensibility was a big deal with Java 8, and it was even a big point of contention in the Java developer community, with many people complaining that the JCP was making Java too restrictive.

The JSRs were supposed to fix that, and this is the first time in a long time that we have seen a JSR that is completely extensible.

Java8 includes a lot of new APIs that are not part of Java 8 yet, but are already supported by the JEE 1.0 standard, including the new Java Collections API.

So there are a lot more new APIs in Java 8 than in Java 9.

For instance, Java 8 includes new methods for managing the Java heap, the Java Virtual Machine, and other features.

It will also add new features for the new JMX container, a new JPA API for accessing database schemas, and a few other things.

The new APIs are all designed to allow you to build modern, extensible, and highly reliable applications.

One of the key changes in Java8 is that it includes the new Concurrency Model.

Concurrency models are just another language concept, and they are a way to describe how the underlying code is organized and the interactions between threads and objects.

Concurrent and asynchronous code are typically written in C, so it is common to use the C++ language to implement these APIs.

Java’s Concurrency model is completely different, and the way it is implemented is the most interesting part.

Java already has a ConcurrencyModel, but Java 8 provides a new ConcurrentExecutor.

The Concurrent Executor allows you not only to write asynchronous code, but it also lets you execute it synchronously, which makes it easier to write code that is easy to read and maintain.

You can write Java code that uses this new Executor in many ways.

The Java Platform team also has a new language feature called “Threading”, which lets you define an event queue in which threads will wait for an event to happen, and then call the Executor to execute the event.

The idea is to use threads to avoid blocking, and you can also use the Executors to wait for the next event to occur.

Java is a thread-first language, so this is great for concurrent programming.

Java has a very long history of being a very fast language.

The speed of Java is measured in seconds per instruction.

That is a good number for a modern, multi-core computer.

But Java has a lot going for it.

Java is the only language that can run on a server.

This makes it very powerful for development on embedded devices, but is especially powerful on servers.

The server also has much better performance because the application runs on a lot fewer CPU cores than on a desktop.

There is a lot to like about Java.

It is one of the most widely adopted languages in the world.

Java has been adopted by companies all over the world, including Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

The fact that Java is so popular makes it even more important that the Java community is able to stay on top of new features.

As a community, we have a lot at stake with this new version.

The team at SalesForce is committed to making Java 8 the best version of J8 that it can be.

We are going to be supporting Java 8 on, which is our main portal for Java software development.

In fact, we will be releasing the full set of Java versions on on September 15th.

If you are a Java developer and you want to get involved in the J8 project, check out our JSR for developers, and

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