How to get a virtual private network for your app

Apple is working on a virtual public network, or VPN, that would make it easier for users to surf the web anonymously.

The company’s new VPN product is called “Sandbox,” a “virtual public network” that would let users connect to a public network to make their app, web page, and other apps “safer” from tracking by other users, according to a video posted on the Apple Developer Network website.

The video describes how it will allow users to easily connect to and control other apps running on the MacOS X server, but that will only work if they have “sandbox” enabled.

Users will have to enable the sandbox feature for the VPN to work, but it will only be available for Mac OS X.

Apple’s Sandbox product is designed to be a way to help users “protect their privacy and freedom online,” according to the video.

It’s unclear how Apple’s SandBox will work in the future, though the company has promised to make sure it is fully implemented in future software releases.

The announcement came just hours after Apple’s quarterly earnings report was released.

The company posted a record revenue of $16.2 billion, which was up from $15.9 billion the year before.

Apple’s stock, which has dropped 27 percent in 2017, was up just 1 percent at $107.83.

Apple said that the “sandboxing” feature would “be available on future updates.”

Apple shares have surged this year because of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus, but they have also been hurt by the company’s plans to launch a new Apple TV, the Apple Watch, and a revamped MacOS.

Apple also announced a new version of the Mac operating system, called Mac OS 10.12 El Capitan, that is supposed to be able to run both iOS and macOS.

El Capitan will be available on November 20, according the company.

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