How to fix NFL team owners’ fear of social media, says NFLPA’s James Wilson

The owners of the NFL’s 16 teams are not shy about sharing their opinions and opinions about social media.

The owners also share some personal experiences on the subject.

But with the NFL Draft approaching and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell facing pressure to take a hard stance on the issue, one league insider says the league is facing a lot of misinformation.

“I think a lot,” NFLPA President James Wilson told theScore’s Chris Mortensen.

“They’re just not talking about it.

They’re not talking with their team owners.

They are really not talking to their players.

They have their teams on social media.”

The NFL owners’ stance comes in response to an NFL Network story in March that said teams are “going full-steam ahead” on social platforms, even as they are “still trying to figure out how to regulate it properly.”

The story said teams “are using social media to create a virtual space where they can engage in real-time conversation, engage with fans and other team owners, and more.”

It also said some teams have been using social networks to communicate with fans through email, text messages and phone calls.

Wilson said the owners have been in communication with NFL owners and their teams and that they are working to establish a framework for how teams can regulate social media as well.

“They’re talking to our owners, we’re talking with our teams, we are going full steam ahead,” Wilson said.

“I don’t know that anybody is in a hurry to be a full steam forward, but we’re certainly moving ahead.”

Wilson added that the owners are looking at a variety of ways to address social media use, including how teams use social media and how teams interact with each other and fans on the Internet.

“We’re going to be really proactive and really proactive in the way we address these issues,” Wilson added.

“But the owners do not want to go into any more details, they don’t want to get into a debate.

They want to work through it and try to reach a solution that works for the players, and for their fans, and ultimately for the league.”

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