Amazon to build $1.9 billion cloud-computing business

Amazon has acquired a new cloud-based software developer company, which will build and manage a variety of cloud-services.

The deal with Prudent Capital Partners and Cloud Platforms will bring Amazon’s cloud-software business to about 500 employees, including software developers, product managers and others.

The company will focus on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Web Servers (AWSS), which are the companies Amazon offers to developers and others to run their own applications on.

The companies will be based in Toronto, Ontario, and the cloud-development team will be headed by David Zabriskie, who previously served as Amazon’s vice president of cloud development and engineering.

Zabrisse previously served on Amazon’s executive development team and worked as its head of cloud services for its AWS-based Prime service.

He previously was Amazon’s general manager of cloud software.

The Amazon Web Application Service (AWAAS), Amazon’s main cloud-application suite, is already available for use by developers and users.

Amazon is currently developing the first major version of its new cloud software business, called Amazon Web Applications (AWAB), that will be called Amazon AWS.

Amazon already has a strong presence in the cloud, with the cloud server, Web Apps and Cloud Functions division, and Amazon Cloud Storage offering a suite of storage and storage management services.

Amazon’s Web Services division, which also includes AWS Web Services, is the cloud infrastructure unit for the company’s cloud services business.

It has about 1,500 employees, most of them software developers.

The new company will have access to Amazon Web Development Tools, a suite that helps developers and companies to easily develop and deploy Web-based applications.

The AWS division is also in the process of acquiring a smaller software developer group called AWS Cloud Tools and has been looking for a new home for it.

The other AWS division, AWS App Services, also includes Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 and AWS Functions.

Amazon Cloud Services is the most popular cloud-service product for businesses, and it is the only one that has grown at the pace of the SaaS industry.

Amazon has made significant investments in AWS over the past few years, which has seen it become a leading cloud-storage provider.

The group’s most recent investment was in the AWS platform for the video streaming service Netflix.

Amazon Web Apps was announced in November, and its first product, the Amazon Appstore, launched in March.

The app store will be available as an in-app purchase and as an upgrade to existing apps.

Amazon also launched the Amazon Cloud Drive storage service last year, which allows users to store and manage files on their Amazon servers.

The cloud storage service, which is priced at $1,799 per year, was rolled out as a subscription service to users in October and is available to anyone in the U.S. and Canada.

Amazon declined to provide details on the new deal.

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