New Android app gives users an overview of the most popular apps in the US

The Google Play Store now features a free Android app that lets users view which apps are in the top 50 most-used apps in each of the country’s 27 major metropolitan areas.

The app, dubbed The Playlist, is available in the Google Play store and at app stores including Amazon, Apple, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and others.

Google is working with a number of major smartphone manufacturers to build the app, which Google describes as a tool to help consumers make better informed decisions about what to buy.

The Playlist app is designed to help users determine the best value for money in different apps.

It shows users what their current apps are worth, how much they are costing them, and which apps have the most features.

It also lists the top 25 apps in Google Play that are currently available for download.

For example, the app lists the Top 10 most-trending Android apps, which include such apps as Google Now, Gmail, and YouTube.

The top 25 most-popular Android apps are based on a mix of market share, app reviews, and reviews from third-party apps.

There are also a few other categories such as “top-rated apps,” “most popular games,” and “most requested apps.”

The PlayList app also offers information on what apps are available for free in each metro area.

It displays an overview like the below, for example, for the Chicago area:The app shows users which apps they can purchase for $0.99.

Users can click on the icon to start shopping.

They can also enter a phone number and an email address to receive notifications about new and upcoming apps in their area.

For more, visit Google’s Play store.

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