Which is the best software development programme for UK graduates?

You can’t get too excited about coding apprenticeships, as there are still some serious barriers to entry.

Here’s a look at the best and most expensive software development programmes.

Software developer and founder of software consultancy consultancy, Mark Evans, says the cost of a master’s degree has become prohibitively high in the UK.

Evans says: “When I started looking into a career as a software developer, it was clear that the costs of a Masters degree in the US were prohibitive.

The cost of paying the UK £150,000 a year for a Master’s degree was prohibitive, and you need to be earning a lot more than £150k a year.”

In the UK, the costs are much lower and there are so many opportunities to go into this field, but the cost is so high and the work is so hard and it is not a rewarding career path.

“The cost of getting into the UK is much more manageable, and the job market is much better now.”

Evans has been looking for a career in the tech industry for over 10 years.

He said: “There are many opportunities in the technology sector, but it is very difficult to find a job that pays as well as the work you do.”

You need to have a high level of experience, and if you’re not an experienced person you will struggle.

“A lot of employers say they would not hire a software engineer if they were not paid a decent wage.”

If you’re an experienced engineer in a highly paid industry, you are a much better hire than someone with a less experienced background.

“It’s very hard to find jobs, but you can become a software expert in your spare time.”

Software developer Mark Evans has found work in the software industry, with a salary of £150K a year from a software consultancy.

source Business Images (UK), Business Insider, Business Insider/Business Insider (US) 1 of 6  What are the best coding schools in the world?               1. 

University of Cambridge  University’s renowned School of Computing and Computer Science has been around for over 150 years.

The school’s founder Sir Isaac Newton taught at the school in the 1600s.

It is also home to some of the UK’s most famous students including Nobel Prize winners and current prime minister Theresa May.

It was the home to one of the first universities to develop a computer, the Computers in 1854, which revolutionised the way we learn and think about computers.

Cambridge’s School of Engineering and Applied Science was founded in 1848 and has been continuously producing engineers since its founding in 1872.

Cambridge was the first university to launch a computer science programme, which was followed by the Computer Science Department at the University of Cambridge in the early 1950s.

Cambridge also established a major research centre in the area of artificial intelligence.

Cambridge has been at the forefront of computer science since the 1990s, with the School of Science being one of its leading research centres.


MIT  MIT has been one of Europe’s leading research institutions for over half a century.

In 2016, the university secured a $1.1 billion investment from Google for its massive $25 billion supercomputer.

It also owns Google X, which is the world’s largest open-source AI research centre.


Cornell University Cornell, which dates back to 1873, has been known for its rigorous academic and research approach.

Its flagship university, the Computer and Communications Research Institute (CCRI), is one of several research centres at the university.

It has also developed a number of software and services that are used in academia and government.


Stanford University Stanford, the birthplace of computer technology, is the oldest university in the USA and is ranked as one of America’s top universities by the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition.

Its faculty is renowned for their ability to innovate, and in the process create the world-class computing technology that is essential to today’s world.


Lincoln Laboratory Lincoln Lab, a leading laboratory for computer science, was founded by the mathematician Paul Allen in 1974.

Allen’s vision for the lab was to develop and commercialise new technologies for the scientific and technical community.

In 2017, Allen and his team achieved their goal and successfully commercialised the company’s first commercially-available artificial intelligence system, the Watson.


Caltech Caltech, founded in 1969, is a research and engineering university in Pasadena, California.

Its alumni include NASA’s chief scientist in the 1960s, Allen, and NASA’s current chief engineer in the 1970s, John F. Kennedy.

Caltech has a strong focus on innovation,

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