What You Should Know About the Developing of the HND-101 Software for the U.S. Army

By Kevin D. WilliamsPosted September 17, 2018 12:56:11The Army is going through a software development phase for its new HND computer, the HN-101.

That phase includes more than 10,000 code changes, a major change for the Army, and a major development challenge for the software team.

The HND software, which is the core of the new computer, is an updated version of the UH-1H helicopters.

It is designed to be more agile, responsive and powerful, according to a document from the Army.

It’s designed to improve situational awareness and to support combat operations, among other things.

The software is also designed to handle the military’s growing use of drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Army’s new HN computer was built to meet current requirements and was designed to meet the needs of the current Army HN helicopters.

HND is a unit of the Army’s Tactical Logistics Directorate, or TLD, and is part of the Rapid Prototyping Unit.

The UH 1H is a new helicopter.

It replaces the Uh 1G and UH 2, which were retired in the mid-1990s.

The HN is a newer, larger version of that helicopter.

The new HNH has a smaller rotor blade, smaller engine, and smaller rotors.

It’s designed for the Joint Tactical Training Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, which uses it for training operations with UH helicopters, said Capt. Matthew McGlothlin, a software developer with the HNGU.

The military uses the HNH for training purposes as well.

“They are looking for a lot of things,” McGlowlin said.

“A lot of their training is not focused on the HNs but on the PVs.

And the PV training is focused on their newer helicopters.”

The Army has more than 200 UH and HN programs, including the Army Joint Logistics Support Program.

The Army also has several other programs for its HN and HNG.

McGlomans main goal is to improve the quality of life for the soldiers who train with the helicopters, McGlottin said.

“We want to make sure that our men and women in uniform are being able to use the equipment they have,” Mcglottin told Polygon.

“I know they want it to be as safe as possible and we want it as good as we can make it.”

The HNG software is the Army team’s first software upgrade for the new HNs, and the team has had some challenges with it.

“The first thing we did was we had to update our software to the latest version,” said McGlotson.

“And the most significant thing that we did, in terms of updating the software, was to re-design it and to redesign it to support the changes we were going through in our software.”

McGlottins team has been working on the software since the H1H program was canceled.

“That was a real major undertaking.

We had to do it from scratch,” McGLottin continued.

“We were trying to work with a company that had been building the software for a while, which we’ve had some success with.

We’ve got to work really closely with them to try to understand their requirements and make sure we get the right software.”

The first software update is for the HNF software, and it has been downloaded by about 1,000 people.

The team also has a lot more work ahead of them to work out the bugs in the software.

The current software can only be downloaded to a single HN or HNG helicopter.

The new software will allow the team to upgrade the software to handle a wide variety of different mission requirements, Mcglotins said.

McGlotts team has to get the software up and running for the PVS.

The next big challenge is that the new software has to work in conjunction with the software that was released with the previous version of HND, McGottins said, referring to the new version of software.

“I would say that we’ve got a lot to learn from this software,” he said.

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