IBM, Intel announce $1.5 billion software development contract agreement

IBM, Microsoft and Intel announced a software development agreement on Wednesday that will provide the technology giants with access to the most advanced technologies, with the first software products to enter the market expected to hit the market by 2019.

The software developer software development (SDN) contract is the latest in a series of agreements that have already allowed the two giants to make inroads into new markets and business models, including cloud computing and digital media.

The $1 billion agreement, which was announced at an industry conference in San Francisco, was the latest of several deals the tech giants have struck to create a better future for employees and customers.

It will provide new opportunities for companies to bring the latest innovations to the workplace and accelerate innovation and investment, said Jeff Bewkes, vice president of IBM’s Office Cloud and Enterprise group.

The new deal is the culmination of a strategic partnership between the companies.

IBM and Microsoft first announced the agreement last year, with Microsoft adding it in January.

The two companies said in a joint statement that the agreement will enable IBM to develop and deploy a suite of advanced technologies that will help its partners build their cloud-computing, digital media, and cloud computing capabilities, which can be applied across many business units, such as cloud applications, cloud computing services, and the cloud.IBM will have access to cutting-edge software from Microsoft and Google, which will help it leverage its cloud-centric capabilities and enable Microsoft and its partners to deploy innovative solutions.

The new agreement also supports IBM’s efforts to leverage its Azure cloud platform for cloud computing, which IBM said is set to be deployed in “several million” machines by 2019, as part of a multi-billion-dollar investment by the two companies.

“This is an exciting milestone for the cloud, for the industry and for the business community as a whole,” said Chris Liddell, senior vice president and general manager of cloud solutions at IBM.

“With this agreement, we are joining forces with our partners, and we are building the world’s most advanced computing platform.”

Microsoft, which has been a pioneer in the field of cloud computing for more than a decade, and Google announced the first round of agreements with IBM earlier this year, but the agreement was first announced by Microsoft in January 2019.

Microsoft and Google said they were also working on a “Cloud Next” initiative that will allow cloud computing businesses to deploy their own software and services, as well as offering new ways for companies and customers to work together.

The agreement with IBM will help the two tech giants reach that goal, the companies said.IBI is already working with cloud services provider Google to create tools to help companies manage their own cloud resources and manage their customers’ data, including a cloud analytics tool that will give them access to data from their cloud applications.

Microsoft has already rolled out a suite for cloud services companies called Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure, and in March it unveiled a new cloud service called Microsoft Teams.

Google announced its own cloud services in February that can be used to help manage data from many of its Google services.

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